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At SpotFree Window Cleaning, we provide residential window cleaning services that can restore the beauty of your windows. For over 30 years, we have built a spotless reputation in Oakland, CA, and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in offering a convenient service that’s designed to clean your windows the right way. Schedule your regular house window cleaning with our specialists today!

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Cleaning dirty windows can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. It requires a trained eye to spot all the imperfections and transform them into a clean outlook. Our specialists use eco-clean products and pure water cleaning to guarantee a deeper and detailed cleaning that lasts longer. Speak to our cleaning specialists to learn more about what our services can do for your home.

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Cleaning Beyond Your Expectations

Leave your window cleaning in caring hands and continue enjoying your daily routine. Our window cleaning company is committed to cleaning your windows to perfection. With our services, you’ll soon extend the life of your windows while removing unhealthy mold from your home. Get in touch with our specialists in Oakland, CA, to request your service!

Our Full Range of Services

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We can transform your windows into a clean outlook.

Residential Window Cleaning
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Let us make your windows sparkle for longer.

Commercial Window Cleaning
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We can restore the efficiency of your solar system.

Solar Panel Cleaning
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Let us help you have a spotless image for your building.

Pressure & Power Washing

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